Vision and Board of the Engage San Diego Action Fund

The Engage San Diego Action Fund works to lift up the voices of historically and systemically excluded communities of San Diego County.

We are a truly multi-issue 501c4 organization focused on increasing voter engagement through targeted endorsements, field outreach, digital campaigns, and political education. 


The Engage San Diego Action Fund board reflects a coalition of power-building, community focused c4 organizations in San Diego County, however, each board member serves in their individual capacity, and any affiliation listed is for identification purposes only.

Dr. Kyra Greene - Board Chair 

(Policy Action)


David Trujillo, Vice-Chair 

(ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties)


Neal Ortiguerra, Treasurer  

(Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Action Fund)


Caroline (Cara) Dessert, Esq. - Board Member

(San Diego LGBT Community Action)


Christina Livingston - Board Member

(ACCE Action)


Christopher Rice-Wilson - Board Member

(Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund)


Diane Takvorian - Board Member

(Environmental Health and Justice Campaign)

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